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    Heating Insert Mxx S

    Heating Insert M06 S Heating Insert M12 S Heating Insert M24 S Heating Insert M96 S
    Heating Insert M06 S Heating Insert M12 S Heating Insert M24 S Heating Insert M96 S


    • The Heating Insert Mxx S is designed for the stable heating of multiwell plates for the simultaneous monitoring and imaging of multiple, time-dependent events.
    • Solid aluminium frame with an aluminium base plate and laminated printed circuit board with circular openings of defined diameter. Optimized thermal contact between the heated aluminium plate and the multiwell plate.
    • Suitable for scanning and mechanical stages on inverted microscopes.
    • For the control of temperature, the TempModule S is necessary.
    • The multiwell plates are heated directly from below. For better temperature transfer in case of Heating Insert M06, the observation openings have a smaller diameter than the wells.
    • The supplied red insert is used to close the observation openings when no cultivation vessel is inserted to maintain environmental conditions during incubation.
    • The multiwell plate can be fixed with the provided PA screw.
    • The alignment of the Heating Inserts to the optical axis can be adjusted with four screws.



    • Zeiss Axio Observer with mechanical stage or scanning stage
    • Incubator PM 2000 RBT
    • Incubator XL series S (also with CO2-Cover PM S)

    Cell cultivation vessels:

    M06 M12 M24 M96
    Costar #3516Costar #3516

    Falcon #3046

    TPP #92006

    Greiner #657160

    Costar #3513
    Costar #3527
    Costar #3512
    Corning #3513Falcon #3043
    TPP #92012

    Greiner #665102

    Greiner #665180

    Costar #3526Costar #3527

    Corning #3524

    TPP #92024

    Falcon #3047

    Costar #3585/98Costar #3595/96/99

    Corning #3632

    Corning #3635

    Corning #3917

    Corning #3628

    Corning #3596

    Falcon #3072

    Falcon #1172

    Application Examples