Incubator i8 - BLACK LS

The large mod­u­lar, laser-safe incu­ba­tor is made for a con­trolled warm air incu­ba­tion and enclos­es the micros­cope, the nose­piece, the objec­tives and fur­ther com­po­nents. Con­struct­ed from black acrylic glass and equipped with laser safe­ty inter­locks and dim­ma­ble dual LED illu­mi­na­tion, it is designed for the Leica DMi8 invert­ed micros­cope. The incu­ba­tor can be arranged indi­vid­u­al­ly for dif­fer­ent micro­scop­ic appli­ca­tions and acces­sories with var­i­ous slide-in modules.
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