Remote Support

TeamView­er is a remote con­trol soft­ware. It con­nects to any PC or serv­er around the world with­in a few of sec­onds. You can let our ser­vice tech­ni­can remote con­trol your PC as if he were sit­ting right front of it in order to solve prob­lems or to exchange files.

To down­load Pecon TeamView­er Quick­Sup­port QS click on the but­ton below, save the file and run it. Tell then our ser­vice tech­ni­cian the ID and the asso­ci­at­ed pass­word for this ses­sion that is shown in the TeamView­er window.

  • does not require admin­is­tra­tive rights
  • runs imme­di­ate­ly with­out installation
  • fire­wall friendly

There­fore in man­aged net­works in most cases no IT Admin­is­tra­tor is need­ed for estab­lish­ing remote sup­port. See also our pri­va­cy statement.

  1. In the case of remote sup­port, PeCon will not trans­fer any data or pro­grams from the user’s PC to a PeCon PC unless explic­it­ly agreed upon.
  2. PeCon will not trans­fer any data or pro­grams from a PeCon PC to the user’s PC with­out explic­it permission.
  3. Infor­ma­tion that PeCon obtains notice of through remote sup­port will only be used to solve the user’s prob­lem or request and will not be stored or processed elsewhere.
  4. No record of a remote sup­port ses­sion in any form will be made or stored on a PeCon PC or Server.