Humidity System 2000

At very high degrees of humid­i­ty, water con­dens­es in the con­nect­ing tube between the humid­i­fy­ing unit and the incu­ba­tion room. The use of the Humid­i­ty Sys­tem 2000 with a heat­able tube pre­vents the con­den­sa­tion in order to achieve a high­er humid­i­ty (up to 95%) in the incu­ba­tion room. The Humid­i­ty Sys­tem 2000 con­sists of a humid­i­fi­ca­tion cham­ber with a heat­ed base plate, a screwed-on water tank and a heat­able tube. A vibra­tion damper is part of the sys­tem as an accessory.

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