Incubator OL IX73/IX83 cellVivo design

Incubator OL IX73 IX83 cell vivo


  • The large incubator OL IX73/IX83 fits on the inverted microscopes IX73 and IX83 (OLYMPUS) and can be assembled easily.
  • Because of the light protective design (satined inner surface), the incubator is particularly suited for the broad field of fluorescence applications.
  • Built-in user safety: The sliding doors at the removable front panel, the sliding doors at the left and right side panel and the two lamp support sealings at the top are equipped with reed contacts that switch off the laser when opened. The black acrylic glass ensures protection against laser radiation with a wavelength of # 640 nm.
  • The removable front panel has two large sliding doors. The front panel can be removed for an easy access to the microscope stage and the cell cultivation vessel. This also makes the work easier when no incubation is needed.
  • The two large sliding doors on the left and right hand side on the front panel allow an access to the stage and the cell cultivation vessel during the incubation.
  • Underneath the bottom half of the right hand sliding door there is a non-reflecting observation window. It allows the observation of the operation inside the incubator at all times and without any loss of heat.
  • Two smaller sliding doors at the bottom front of the incubator permit an additional access to the interior of the incubator.
  • There is one exchangeable side panel on each side of the incubator. Both side panels are equipped with sliding doors. It is possible to design the side panels according to special customer requirements.
  • Openings for cables and tubes are in the rear panel (sliding doors with magnetic locks) on the left and right hand side.
  • The incubator has two slide-in modules on the left and the right hand side.
  • A homogenous heat distribution in the observation area is provided by a concentric air supply from the rear.
  • The incubator is equipped with an internal illumination, consisting of two dimmable LED bars on the inner left and right hand side and a dimmer on the upper right side of the incubator.
  • There is a special holder for the Humidification bottle in the inside of the incubator.
  • Optional: The front panel and the two side panels can be exchanged with transparent versions.



  • Olympus microscopes IX73 and IX83 with object guide, mechanical stage or scanning stage
  • Micromanipulators InjectMan, InjectMan NI2, TransferMan by Eppendorf
  • Micromanipulators by Narishige

A selection of compatible heatable components:

  • Heating Insert P 2000
  • Heating Inserts M06-M96 2000
  • Heatable Universal Mounting Frame K 2000 Series

Application Examples