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    • Reduction of the evaporation of water from the nutrition medium, agar and methylcellulose, thus prevention of higher concentrations of ions in the medium.
    • A special foil (CultFoil) is fixed in between two steel elements and replaces the usual plastic cover. The foil is optically clear and permeable for the gases CO2, O2 and N2.
    • Water molecules can pass the foil at higher temperature and pressure (autoclave).
    • The measurement values demonstrate a distinct advantage of the FoilCover, especially if cultivated cells are investigated under the microscope.
    • The FoilCover can be used with standard Petri dishes, Lab-Tek and Lab-Tek II chambers, M06-96 multiwell plates and with our POC, POC-R2 and POCmini systems during open cultivation.
    • Sterilizable with CultFoil at 165°C in dry heat or at 121°C in the autoclave.
    • Technical details: Transmission curve of the CultFoil 
    • Overview Foil and Glass Covers 

    Experimental comparison of evaporation rates from a “60” Petri dish (5 ml Hanks buffer) in a conventional CO2-Incubator and in an Incubation System from PeCon:

      Normal Cover FoilCover rel. humidityin ambient air
    CO2-Incubator 3 µl/h 95 % at 37°C
    Incubation System 40 µl/h 4 µl/h 20 % at 37°C

    Incubation System: Heating Insert P, Incubator S, CTI-Controller 3700 digital and Tempcontrol 37-2 digital.

    The measured tenfold decrease of the evaporation rate with the FoilCover in the Incubation System demonstrates its distinct advantage, especially if cultivated cells are investigated in Petri dishes or the POC-R Chamber (“open cultivation”) under the microscope.


    • none


    • Ø 56 mm for “60” Petri dishes
    • Ø 38 mm for “35” Petri dishes
    • Ø 33 mm for POC and POC-R2
    • Ø 22 mm for POCmini
    • Nunc – Lab-Tek™ Chamber Slide™ System
    • Nunc – Lab-Tek™ Chambered Coverglass
    • Nunc – Lab-Tek™ II Chamber Slide™ System
    • Nunc – Lab-Tek™ II Chambered Coverglass
    • All multiwell plates with a bearing area of the lid of max. 82.3 x 124.5 mm and a height at the sidewalls of the lid of at least 8 mm can be equipped with the FoilCover for Multiplates.

    Application Examples