Perfusion Set for 35 Petri Dishes

Perfusion Set for 35 Petri Dishes

The per­fu­sion set enables per­fu­sion appli­ca­tions and is com­pat­i­ble to a large vari­ety of “35” Petri dish­es.


  • Enables per­fu­sion appli­ca­tions in a vari­ety of “35” Petri dish­es with an outer diam­e­ter ot 32.8 to 34.5 mm
  • Con­sists of a cover with glass insert and a per­fu­sion ring with lat­er­al open­ings and screws for the canal tubes
  • Made of stain­less stell
  • Com­plete­ly ster­il­iz­able


Material stainless steel; glass insert
Dimensions Cover with Glass Insert Ø 47.5 mm x 6.7 mm
Dimensions Perfusion Ring with Canal Tubes Ø 44.6 mm x 5.5 mm
Perfusion Set for 35 Petri Dishes


  • "35" Petri dish

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