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    Insert LP-Set

    Insert LP-Set


    • Insert Set consisting of a flexible device with easy installation for the fixation of various cultivation vessels on the Piezo Z-Stage and 4 exchangeable plates for Petri dishes, POC Cell Culativation Systems, object slides, Lab-Tek and Ibidi chambers.
    • Two moveable, smooth-running brackets with a variable clamping range allow an easy and quick fixation. The frame can be levelled in the stage by 4 screws.
    • For CO2-control, the CO2-Covers LP are an ideal enhancement.
    • Overview Insert LP-Set + CO2-Cover LP


    • none


    • Inverse microscopes with Piezo Z-Stage (Ludl)

    Cell cultivation vessels:

    • Petri dish 35 mm
    • Petri dish 60 mm
    • POC-R + POC-R2 Cell Cultivation System
    • POCmini Cell Cultivation System
    • Microscope slides (max. length 120 mm)
    • Lab-Tek™ (Nunc®) and chambered slides (BD Falcon™)
    • Ibidi® chambers

    Application Examples

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