Cooling/Heating Objective Ring

Cooling/Heating Objective Ring

The objec­tive ring is designed for the sta­ble cool­ing or heat­ing of micros­cope objec­tives.


  • Sta­ble cool­ing or heat­ing of micros­cope objec­tives in order to improve the tem­per­a­ture con­di­tions in the obser­va­tion area
  • The tem­per­a­ture gra­di­ent in the sam­ple is opti­mized to a value less than 0.3°K
  • A cir­cu­la­tor is required to sup­ply the ring with cool­ing or heat­ing liq­uids
  • Avail­able in:
    D1 [mm] D2 [mm]
    17.0 25.0
    17.5 25.5
    22.5 32.5
    22.5 34.5
    25.5 33.0
    32.0 34.0
    33.0 38.0


Material Aluminum, black anodized
Heating / Cooling Liquids
Temperature range see heating/cooling-circulator, max. 40°C
Temperature stability see heating/cooling-circulator
Dimensions (WxHxD) 49 x 24 x 36 mm
Weight approx. 0.2 kg
Cooling/Heating Objective Ring


  • Heating-Cooling Circulator


Compatible PeCon Products:

Application Examples:

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