Incubator DM&nbsp6000 CS BLACK

Incubator DM 6000 CS BLACK

The large black incu­ba­tor is made for a con­trolled warm air incu­ba­tion and enclos­es the micros­cope, the nose­piece, the objec­tives and fur­ther com­po­nents. It is designed for the upright micros­cope DM 6000 CS with SP8 by Leica.


  • Large Incu­ba­tor for the upright micros­cope Leica DM 6000 CS with SP8
  • Two large slid­ing doors at the front of the incu­ba­tor on the left and right hand side
  • Two small­er open­ings with slid­ing doors at the bot­tom front side (left and right)
  • Two slid­ing doors, one on the left and one on the right hand side of the incu­ba­tor exterior
  • Open­ings with sil­i­cone seals for cables and tubes in the rear panel on the left and right hand side.
  • Homoge­nous heat dis­tri­b­u­tion in the obser­va­tion area by a divid­ed air sup­ply from the rear
  • For oper­a­tion, other heat­ed or non-heated com­po­nents are recommended.
  • Local CO2 and O2-gassing and air humid­i­fi­ca­tion with the suit­able components
  • Quick assem­bly of the incu­ba­tor and easy attach­ment from above


Material Acrylic glass (PMMA), black
Valid temperature range 10°C – 50°C
Temperature sensor Pt100
Internal dimensions (WxHxD) 680 x 530 x 360 (mm)
Top sliding door opening (LxW) 160 x 437 (mm)
Bottom sliding door opening (LxW) 105 x 135 (mm)
Lateral sliding door openings 160 x 160 (mm)
Weight approx 5.5 Kg
Incubator DM&nbsp6000 CS BLACK


  • Leica DM 6000 CS (with SP8) with mechanical stage or scanning stage

Application Examples: