Upgrade for POC-R2 (Open Perfusion)

Upgrade for POC-R2
(Open Perfusion)

Screw-in Per­fu­sion Adapter for Per­fu­sion in the “open” Cell Cul­ti­va­tion Sys­tem POC-R2.


  • Per­fu­sion Adapter with a spe­cial flat PTFE adapter for micro­ma­nip­u­la­tion and the injec­tion of cells
  • Open access to the cell culture
  • Medi­um exchanges can be per­formed either slow­ly or rapid­ly, using two tubes of a dif­fer­ent length
  • The height of the tubes with­in the adapter can be var­ied for a dis­tinct amount of medium
  • Ster­il­iz­able at +165°C for 2 hours



Material PTFE
Observation area Ø 29 mm
Distance between the growth surface and the top of the adapter 8.5 mm
Upgrade for POC-R2 (Open Perfusion)


  • Cell Cul­ti­va­tion Sys­tem POC-R2

Application Examples: