Heating Frame 2000

Heating Frame 2000

The Heat­ing Frame warms up POC-R2 and POCmini-2 cham­ber sys­tems and offers a homo­ge­neous­ly heat­ed envi­ron­ment for the obser­va­tion of liv­ing cells on the microscope.


  • Warms up POC-R2 and POCmini-2 cham­ber systems
  • Made of alu­mini­um for a uni­form heat dis­tri­b­u­tion and a high ther­mal conductivity
  • Cir­cu­lar obser­va­tion open­ing (Ø 30 mm) that can be cov­ered with a cover glass (Ø 35 mm)
  • The base plate of the POC/POCmini cham­ber is fixed by a ball (PA) with spring pressure
  • Heat­ing by power loss of the tran­sis­tors: No inter­fer­ence caused by dis­turb­ing switch­ing puls­es, there­fore well suit­ed for elec­tro­phys­i­o­log­i­cal examinations
  • Local CO2 and O2 gassing with the suit­able components


Material aluminum, black anodized
Dimensions (BxHxL) 127 x 12 x 85.5 mm
Observation area (LxB) Ø 30 mm
Weight 0.18 kg
Heating Frame 2000


We recommend the use of the Heating Frame 2000 in connection with an Universal Mounting Frame for a better fixation and thermal output:

Application Examples: