Universal Mounting Frame KM

Universal Mounting Frame KM

This frame is designed for the easy fix­a­tion of mul­ti­plates by dif­fer­ent man­u­fac­tur­ers in scan­ning or mechan­i­cal stages on invert­ed micro­scopes. It is also the base frame for the Click-In Sys­tem, with which many other cell cul­ture ves­sels can be used.


  • Three adjustable clamp­ing springs for an adap­ta­tion to dif­fer­ent mul­ti­well sizes
  • Four sil­i­cone sealed chan­nels for the lead-through of thin tubes or cables
  • For incu­ba­tion, the use in com­bi­na­tion with a large incu­ba­tor is recommended
  • Local CO2  and O2  gassing with the suit­able components


Material aluminium, black anodized
Clamping range length: 126 to 128.5 mm width:  84 to 86 mm
Dimensions (LxWxH) 160 x 130 x 12 mm
Weight 150 g
Universal Mounting Frame KM


  • none


  • Scanning or mechanical stages with a rectangular opening of 160 x 110 mm on inverse microscopes
Cell culture vessels:
  • Compatible to most multiwell plates of various manufacturers
  • Following multiplates can also be used:
Multiwell plates Greiner Bio-One:
24-well Sensoplate™, Glass Bottom, # 662892
96-well Sensoplate™, Glass Bottom, # 655892
384-well Sensoplate™, Glass Bottom, # 781892
1536-well Sensoplate™, Glass Bottom, # 782892
Multiwell plates BD Falcon™:
96-well Glass-Bottom Imaging Plate, # 357311
384-well Glass-Bottom Imaging Plate, # 357312
1536-well Glass-Bottom Imaging Plate, # 357313
In combination with the Click-in System by PeCon, a large variety of other cell culture vessels can be used.

Application Examples: