Control Sensor T 2000

Control Sensor T 2000

Con­trol device for the mea­sur­ing of the tem­per­a­ture espe­cial­ly in “35” and “60” Petri dish­es.


  • Small-sized con­trol device for the mea­sur­ing of the tem­per­a­ture in dif­fer­ent cell cul­ture ves­sels, espe­cial­ly “35” and “60” Petri dish­es
  •  The actu­al tem­per­a­ture in the medi­um of the cell cul­ture ves­sel can be mea­sured in pre-experiments under real­is­tic incu­ba­tion con­di­tions as they exist in lat­er exper­i­ments with­out a con­trol sen­sor
  • For the use of the device, the Tem­p­Con­troller 2000-1 or 2000-2 is required

Control Sensor T 2000


  • All PeCon components and electrical units of the series 2000.

Application Examples:

Short measurement time: The white area of the tip is completely immerged in the liquid medium. Long measurement time: The white area at the tip is above the surface of the liquid medium.