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    Insert for 6 Petri dishes (35 mm; clampable)

    Insert for 6 Petri dishes (35 mm; clampable)


    • Insert made of black acrylic glass for 6 Petri dishes (35 mm) which can additionally be fixed with pressure springs. This provides for a firm fit of the cell cultivation vessels.
    • Particularly suitable for Petri dishes with glass bottom and the use of objectives with oil immersion.
    • Petri dishes (35 mm) of the following manufacturers can be used: Zell-Kontakt, Greiner Bio-One, Ibidi, Matek et al.
    • The insert fits into scanning stages and xy-stages with a cut-out of 160 x 110 mm.
    • The insert can be held at the blue pins and inserted into the microscope stage or lifted out of it, respectively.
    • When working with a CO2-gassing, a specific CO2-Cover is necessary. Unused openings in which there is no Petri dish during the observation, have to be covered. For this purpose, red covers (6 pcs.) are included.

    Application Examples

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