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    Incubator PM LS S

    Incubator PM LS S


    • Small incubator for the stabilization of in vitro conditions of cell- and tissue cultures during microscopic examination. The incubator is designed for homogenous heat- and CO2-distribution in combination with the Heating Insert P S or its Lab-Tek variant.
    • The heatable black cover warms up the incubation chamber from the top. This prevents the condensation of water on the cover of the cell cultivation vessel.
    • Built-in user safety: Two magnets are positioned and fixed on the microscope stage and activate the reed contacts which switch off the laser when the incubator is removed. An additional switch for the laser safety (screw with magnet) is located behind the stage.
    • The TempModule S regulates the temperature, the CO2 Module S the CO2-concentration inside Incubator PM LS S.



    • Axiovert 100/135, Axiovert 200 and Axio Observer with mechanical stage or scanning stage

    The incubator offers a homogenously heated incubation room with defined atmosphere in combination with following inserts:

    Insert Cell Cultivation Vessel
    Heating Insert P S Petri dishes, POC-R + -mini Set
    Heating Insert P Lab-Tek S Lab-Tek Chambers, Object slides,Petri dishes, POC-R + -mini Set

    Application Examples