Listed below you find a compilation of recommendable manufacturers of additional components for the successful cultivation of cell and tissue cultures on the microscope.

    Zeiss Microscopy Microscopy section: High resolution optics, innovative microscope design and leading fluorescence capabilities – CARL ZEISS is a global leader in the optical and opto-electronic industries and offers a wide spectrum of high-quality products in the fields of optics, electronics and precision engineering.
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    Leica Life Science - Inverted Microscopes Microscopy section: LEICA MICROSYSTEMS is a leading global designer and producer of innovative high-tech precision optics and systems for the analysis of microstructures. The company manufactures a broad range of products for numerous applications requiring microscopic imaging, measurement and analysis.
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    Olympus Microscopy section: OLYMPUS is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of opto-digital products for business, leisure, medicine, science and industry. The Olympus microscopy product line-up satisfies all aspects of the market: from high-end research systems for science to equipment for routine material inspections.
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    Nikon Microscopy section: NIKON is involved in a broad spectrum of businesses centered around specializations in imaging products, precision equipment, and instruments. Nikon is committed to developing technologies for microscopic precision, the microscopes are used extensively in bioscience, where live cell observation has now become a mainstream method.
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    Marzhauser For more than 50 years, MÄRZHÄUSER has worked intensively with leading manufacturers of microscopes, universities and research institutes. Märzhäuser develop and produce high-precision microscope stages and measuring stages along with micromanipulators and accessories.
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    Prior For over 90 years, PRIOR Scientific has been at the forefront of microscopy innovation and technology. Prior manufactures a wide range of scientific instrumentation, specializing in high precision microscope automation (e.g. the motorized stages ProScan™II, OptiScan™II and NanoScanZ Piezo), microscopy and custom solutions tailored to meet a large variety of requirements.
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    Ludl As a designer and manufacturer of precision automation for microscopes (i.e. stage systems) and optical instrumentation for more than 30 years, Ludl Electronic Products is known for high quality and strives to be a leader in providing best solutions with clean, straightforward designs and products.
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    Eppendorf EPPENDORF is a biotechnology company that develops, manufactures and distributes high quality laboratory instruments and consumables for the life sciences.
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    Julabo JULABO is a global manufacturer of Constant Temperature Circulators used for research, science and industry with a reputation for high quality, reliable and durable products, combined with an excellent support. Since 1967, the company has set many standards by consistently introducing product innovations.
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    Ismatec ISMATEC is an innovative manufacturer of tubing pumps, gear pumps, rotary ceramic piston pumps, environmental technologies / FIA Flow Injection Analyzer, ASA Systems for sample preparation (e.g. for quality control and soil sample analyses) and autosamplers.
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    Ismatec VISITRON SYSTEMS GmbH is known as one of the leading companies supplying imaging-solutions in the field of microscopy. Development of highly sophisiticated solutions for complex biomedical applications is their daily team-work. More than 2000 installed systems show a broad range of specific system solutions.
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    Becton Dickinson Discovery Labware Discovery Labware is a business unit of BD BIOSCIENCES that provides integrated, high-value products and services for genomics, proteomics, drug discovery & development, oncology, and immune function like tissue culture, fluid handling, drug discovery, and drug metabolism featuring its key BD Falcon™, BD BioCoat™, and BD Gentest™ brands.
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    Corning CORNING is a developer, manufacturer and global supplier of scientific laboratory products for more than 90 years, using their special expertise in the combined fields of optics, materials science, surfaces, and biology. The company provides a full range of innovative solutions that improve productivity and enable new discoveries.
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    Zell-Kontakt ZELL-KONTAKT GmbH develops and produces cell culture and labware for modern imaging and microscopy methods. Further specialities are cell culture and lab products for applications with increased requirements for the support of cell physiology or control over cell adhesion and differentiation.
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    Greiner Bio-One GREINER BIO-ONE is a rapidly expanding company within the scientific industry, with specific emphasis on the diagnostic, biotechnology and research market sectors.
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    Nunc NUNC is part of Thermo Fisher Scientific and an internationally well-established brand of high tech disposable plastic ware fulfilling the needs of today’s customers within biotechnology, pharmaceutical and research laboratories as well as in the production of vaccines and diagnostic kits.
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    ATCC Global Bioresource Center ATCC is a global non-profit bioresource center that provides biological products, technical services, and educational programs to private industry, government, and academic organizations around the world. The mission is to acquire, authenticate, preserve, develop, and distribute biological materials, information, technology, intellectual property, and standards for the advancement, validation, and application of scientific knowledge.”
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