Although we try to make our products simple to use and as solid as possible, we cannot fully exclude the occurence of problems during setup or operation. The following pages are a collection of problems or misunderstandings that might come up when using our incubation systems. Please check the FAQs before contacting us directly to find out if we already offer a solution for your problem.

In our download area you find a description and the latest version of the Software “IRC – Incubation Remote Control” which can be used to record all vital parameters (temperature and CO2-concentration) of your incubation experiments when working with the Tempcontrol 37-2 digital, the CTI-Controller 3700 digital, the CO2-Controller or Incubation System O2-CO2-°C.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Find answers to frequently asked questions about our products including troubleshooting tips:

Go to the general incubation FAQs

Go to the product specific FAQs

Further Email Support

Your problem is not solved or your device not mentioned in the FAQ pages? Then please contact us via email.
We would like you to give us as much as possible of the information listed below to get a specific reply from one of our experts.

Email address:
Information needed:
  • Microscope manufacturer
  • Type of microscope
  • Type of stage
  • Cultivation vessels used
  • All PeCon incubation components
  • Incubation conditions
  • Detailed description of the problem
  • Remote support

    TeamViewer is a remote control software. It connects to any PC or server around the world within a few of seconds. You can let our service technican remote control your PC as if he were sitting right front of it in order to solve problems or to exchange files.

    To download TeamViewer QuickSupport v7.0.13989 click on the button below and select “execute”. Tell our service technician your ID and the current password.

    TeamViewer for Remote Support

    Remote Support

    Therefore in managed networks in most cases no IT Administrator is needed for establishing remote support. See also our privacy statement.

    a) In the case of remote support, PeCon will not transfer any data or programs from the user’s PC to a PeCon PC unless explicitly agreed upon.
    b) PeCon will not transfer any data or programs from a PeCon PC to the user’s PC without explicit permission.
    c) Information that PeCon obtains notice of through remote support will only be used to solve the user’s problem or request and will not be stored or processed elsewhere.
    d) No record of a remote support session in any form will be made or stored on a PeCon PC.