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    Incubator NL BLACK 2000

    Incubator NL BLACK


    • Large incubator for the inverted microscope Nikon Eclipse Ti with high volume for warm air incubation and CO2-control. Local CO2-incubation can be carried out with the CO2-Controller in combination with appropriate CO2-Covers.
    • Black casing material for microscopic techniques in which scattered light is disturbing, e.g. fluorescence microscopy.
    • The incubator encases the microscope from the lamp housing to the objective nosepiece and warms up all enclosed components by heated air. No Objective Heaters are necessary.
    • The large internal volume allows the use of many different components like stages, heating inserts or micromanipulators. For special applications (e.g. multiwell plates with glass bottoms) the Incubator NL BLACK 2000 can be operated with the Heating Unit alone.
    • Two large black sliding doors at the front of the incubator on the left and right hand side allow an easy access to the specimen and other components. On the bottom right hand side there is a smaller opening with 2 sliding doors that permit access to the objectives and filters. There is a hatch on the bottom left hand side that allows additional access to the incubator interior.
    • The incubator possesses 2 slide-in base plates in the left and right hand side panels with openings for the object guide (silicone seal).
    • Cables and tubing can be routed to the outside through two sliding doors at the rear side of the incubator. The lamp support can be swivelled back when the incubator is mounted. The temperature sensor can be freely positioned inside the incubator to adapt to different setups.
    • The incubator is compatible to all condensers. Micromanipulators of various manufacturers can be used (e.g. Eppendorf, Narishige).
    • Easy and quick assembly, no tools are necessary.



    • Nikon Eclipse Ti with mechanical stage or scanning stage
    • Micromanipulator Eppendorf InjectMan
    • Micromanipulator Eppendorf InjectMan NI2
    • Micromanipulator Eppendorf TransferMan
    • Micromanipulator Narishige

    A selection of compatible heatable components:

    • Heating Insert P 2000
    • Heating Inserts M06-96 2000
    • Heatable Universal Mounting Frame K Series 2000

    Components additionally needed for CO2-control:


    Fig. 1: covered opening Fig. 2: unsealed opening Fig. 3: LED Illumination Fig. 4: bent LED Illumination

    Application Examples