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    Heating Device Humidity S

    Heating Device Humidity S


    • The Heating Device Humidity warms up the water inside the Humidifier (2) (250ml) and the Humidifier (3) (500ml) when no large incubator is used.
    • The Heating Device Humidity is compatible to both Humidifiers due to the special design: The additional aluminium insert for the use with the smaller bottle can be removed when the larger bottle is used.
      Note: The Humidifier (3) is mainly used for applications where a reduction of O2 is necessary.
    • The gas-air-mixture is routed through the Humidifier¬†and enters the incubator or CO2-cover in a warmed-up state, thus providing for a stable temperature and increased humidity around the cell cultivation vessel.



    • Incubator P S compact
    • Incubator PM S
    • Incubator PM S LS

    Application Examples