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    CO2-Cover KM Set

    Click-In System


    • The CO2-Cover KM Set has been purpose-built for the use together with Universal Mounting Frame KM on inverted microscopes.
    • It provides for a constant gassing of cell cultures with CO2 and/or N2 und creates a relative air humidity of approx. 90% inside the small incubator interior. The temperature that is necessary for the cultivation of cells is achieved by a large microscope incubator.
    • The CO2-Cover consists of black PMMA and is supplied with two variants of glass inserts.
    • Due to its slidable glass inserts, the CO2-Cover KM Set offers the possibility of exchanging the cell culture vessel without the effort of taking off the CO2-Cover as a whole (loss of CO2).
    • The smooth-running glass covers allow a largely vibration-free access.
    • The glass of the inserts and slidable glass plates also permit an observation with special microscopy techniques, e. g. DIC.
    • Regarding its measures, the CO2-Cover fits to PeCon’s Click-In System and is suited for all insert plates where the cell culture vessels are centrally arranged.
    • An optimal dispersion of the air-gas-mixture in the small incubator interior is ensured by six outlets which are located on the underside of the CO2-Cover.
    • The feeding of air-gas-mixtures can be carried out with PeCon’s CO2-control units (CO2-Controller 2000, CO2-O2-Controller 2000, CO2 Module S und O2-Module S).
    • PDF Flyer CO2-Cover KM Set


    • Large incubator
    • Universal Mounting Frame KM
    • CO2-Controller 2000 or CO2-O2-Controller 2000
    • TempController 2000-1 or 2000-2
    • Humidifier bottle


    • Universal Mounting Frame KM
    • Click-In System Premium

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