PeCon Series 2000 Firmware

    Get the latest firmware for our Series 2000 devices and components to have new features, bugfixes and full compatibility of all devices with each other. The firmware update process is very robust, even a power failure should not damage your device. If your device does not start the application, but stops at the bootloader, then just try to reprogramm the firmware with our download tool.

    Download the archive and extract it to a temporary folder. Check the “ReadMe.txt” file for more information about usage. The archive contains the firmware files for all PeCon Series 2000 components, which firmware can be updated.

    Included latest firmware versions in archive v01.004:

    TempController 2000-2 (also cellVivo design): v01.240
    TempController 2000-1: v01.240
    CO2-Controller 2000 (also cellVivo design): v01.010
    CO2-O2-Controller 2000 (also cellVivo design): v01.010
    CO2-Sensor 2000 (used in above Gascontrollers): v01.010
    Heating Unit 2000: v01.010
    Heating Unit XL S2: v01.010
    TempModule LSFM: v01.002

    Please install the latest PeCon USB driver before using the download tool. Without the USB driver the download tool does not work.