TempController 2000-2 cellVivo design

    TempController 2000-2 cell vivo design


    • Temperature control unit with 2 equal, independent channels to electrically heat various components of the manufacturer.
    • The TempController 2000-2 cellVivo design can only be used together with other components of the cellVivo Incubation System (Olympus) or the Incubation System 2000 (PeCon).
    • The device can be operated with the buttons at the front side as well as externally via USB and the PeCon cellVivo software.
    • The control characteristic of the digital PID loop control can be adapted to the connected component. Altogether, 8 parameter sets which can be freely assigned to one of the 2 heating channels are available for that.
    • The firmware, the values of the 8 parameter sets and the list with the allocation of the parameter sets to the heated components can be updated via a Windows-PC.
    • Resolution of temperature display: 0.1°C.
    • Resolution of internal loop control: 0.01°C
    • Range for setpoint values from 0.0 up to 60.0°C. This range can be limited by special parameter sets to protect specific components (e.g. Objective Heater 2000).
    • A power supply pack with a wide input voltage range allows the operation of the TempController 2000-2 cellVivo design with all common AC line voltages without manual adaptation.
    • Self-resetting overload protection in the channels 1 and 2.


    • Olympus IX73 or IX83


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