cellVivo Incubation System

  • Extended live-cell imaging requires a stringent control of temperature, humidity, CO2 and O2 levels for sample integrity and focus position. The cellVivo Incubation System is a modular and flexible incubation system that covers every requirement in the cultivation and observation of living cells. It is fully adaptable for basic and high-end inverted microscopes IX73 and IX83.
  • cellVivo is a modular system, enabling users to build a system according to their needs. Its innovative workflow-optimising design provides precise and user-friendly control for even the most sensitive samples. The range of modules available makes it easy to build systems from very basic solutions for temperature control only with simple transparent housings, up to premium high-end products with advanced housings and sophisticated environmental control. Further flexibility is provided by the various enclosure types and modules, which can even provide advanced laser-safe darkroom capabilities.
  • The performance features of all components are well coordinated. From simple heating or cooling through to complex incubation solutions, the Olympus cellVivo system combines maximum precision with complete system integration.
  • The upgradeable incubation system divides the incubation parameters into separate modules:

Optional: Temperature control:

  • Intelligent software enables easy set-up and ensures continuous monitoring of conditions, even remotely (incl. the planning of dynamic experiments).
  • A variety of PeCon heating and cooling devices of the series 2000 are available for the use together with the different electrial units and incubators of the cellVivo Incubation System.
Configuration Devices
Electrical Units Heating Unit 2000
TempController 2000-2 cellVivo design
CO2-Controller 2000 cellVivo design
CO2-O2-Controller 2000 cellVivo design
Universal Mounting Frames Incubation Mounting Frame KM
Incubation Mounting Frame KP-Set cellVivo design
Large Incubators Incubator OL IX73/IX83 cellVivo design

The cellVivo Incubation System is exclusively available via Olympus.
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