Universal Mounting Frame M100 protected

    Universal Mounting Frame M100
    Utility Model Protected


    • The Universal Mounting Frame M100protected is a flexible device for the use on fixed microscope stages with an object guide. Many different cultivation vessels can be fixed in the frame.
    • It has been specifically designed for the additional use of large Petri dishes (“100”) with a maximum diameter of 92 mm.
    • Two smooth running, moveable bridges with a variable clamping range allow an easy and quick fixation of the cell cultivation vessels.
    • For incubation, it is recommended to use the Universal Mounting Frame in combination with a large incubator. The heating of the vessels is accomplished through warm air inside the incubator.
    • The Universal Mounting Frame M100protected is equipped with two spring clips. The spring clips provide a firm fit of the cell cultivation vessel, especially when oil or water immersion objectives are used.
    • The spring clips can be mounted to a higher position on the bridge when taller cell cultivation vessels (e. g. Petri dishes “100”) are used. Besides, the flexible clips can be bent so that even taller or smaller vessels can be fixed. The spring clips are easy to assemble or to disassemble.


    • Inverse microscope with fixed stage and object guide.


    Cell cultivation vessels:
    The following tables show a selection of different cell cultivation vessels which can be used with the Universal Mounting Frame K100protected.