Universal Mounting Frame M100protected-Set

    Universal Mounting Frame M100
    Utility Model Protected


    • The Universal Mounting Frame M100protected-Set is a flexible device for the use on fixed microscope stages with an object guide to fix various cell cultivation vessels on inverse microscopes.
    • It has been specifically designed for the use of large Petri dishes (“100”) with a maximum diameter of 92 mm.
    • Two moveable, smooth running bridges with a variable clamping range allow an easy and quick fixation of the cell cultivation vessel.
    • Depending on the type of cultivation vessel used, one of the 4 base plates can be attached to the Universal Mounting Frame M100protected-Set with the enclosed screws.
    • For incubation, it is recommended to use the Universal Mounting Frame in combination with a large incubator. The heating of the vessels is accomplished through warm air inside the incubator.
    • The pH-value (CO2-concentration) in the media can be adjusted by putting the CO2-Cover 100 on top of the frame and connecting it to the CO2-Controller.
    • The frame can be levelled in the microscope stage by the 4 adjusting screws.
    • The Universal Mounting Frame is equipped with two spring clips. The spring clips provide a firm fit of the cell cultivation vessel and keep it in place, especially when using oil or water immersion objectives. The two spring clips on each bridge are of a different height so that cultivation vessels of different sizes can be fixed.
    • Further base plates for specific cultivation vessels are available on demand.


    • Inverse microscope with fixed microscope stage and an object guide


    • CO2-Cover K100-Set

    Cell cultivation vessels:

    • Petri dish “35” (diameter 35-38 mm)
    • Petri dish “60” (diameter 52-58 mm)
    • Petri dish “90” (diameter 78-90 mm)
    • POC-R + POC-R2 Cell Cultivation System
    • POCmini Cell Cultivation System
    • Lab-Tek™ (Nunc®) and chambered slides (BD Falcon™)
    • m-Slides (Ibidi)
    • Microscope slides

    Application Examples

    Optional: CO2-Incubation
    Additionally, the CO2-Cover K100-Set can be used. In combination with a CO2 control unit, the pH-value in the medium can be kept at an optimal level.