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    Incubator P S compact

    Incubator P 2000


    • Small incubator for the stabilization of in vitro conditions for cell- and tissue cultures during microscopic examination. The incubator is designed for a homogenous heat, CO2 and O2 distribution in combination with a Heating Insert.
      Following inserts are compatible:
      – Heating Insert P S compact
      – Heating Insert P Lab-Tek S compact
    • The heated glass of the incubator is permeable to 90% of light in the visible wavelength range.
    • The heated glass warms up the incubation chamber from the top. This avoids the condensation of water on the cover of the cell cultivation vessel.
    • The incubator is also suitable for high-resolution microscopy. It is designed for the LD-condensors 0.35 and 0.55.
    • The TempModule S regulates the temperature of the incubator.


    • TempModule S
    • Heating Insert P S compact or P Lab-Tek S compact


    • Inverse microscope with a mechanical stage or a scanning stage

    The incubator offers a homogenously heated incubation room with a defined atmosphere in combination with following inserts:

    Insert Cell Cultivation Vessel
    Heating Insert P S compact Petri dishes, POC-R + -mini Set
    Heating Insert P Lab-Tek S compact Lab-Tek Chambers, Object slides, Petri dishes, POC-R + -mini Set


    For the control of temperature and CO2 concentration and the increase of humidity, following devices have to be used:

    Device Parameter
    TempModule S Temperature
    CO2 Module S CO2 and humidity
    O2 Module S O2 and humidity
    Heating Device Humidity S Humidity

    Application Examples