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    Incubator NL 2000

    Incubator NL 2000


    • Large incubator for the Nikon Eclipse Ti.
    • Homogenous heat distribution in the observation area by a concentric air supply from the rear.
    • Three sliding doors and an additional hatch provide access to the incubator interior from the front side. Further sliding doors, one in each side panel, enable additional access from the left and from the right hand side.
    • Openings for cables and tubes in the rear panel (two sliding doors with locks). Slide-in base plates in the left and right side panel with openings for the handle of mechanical stages (silicone sealed).
    • Compatible to all condensers. Micromanipulators of various manufacturers can be used (e.g. Eppendorf, Narishige).
    • Homogenous heat distribution in the observation area by concentric air supply from the rear
    • For operation, other heated or non-heated components (e.g. Heating Inserts, Heating Stages) are recommend.
    • Local CO2-incubation can be carried out with the CO2-Controller in combination with appropriate CO2-Covers.
    • Easy and quick assembly. No tools are necessary.



    • Nikon Eclipse Ti with object guide, mechanical stage or scanning stage
    • Micromanipulator Eppendorf InjectMan
    • Micromanipulator Eppendorf InjectMan NI2
    • Micromanipulator Eppendorf TransferMan
    • Micromanipulator Narishige

    A selection of compatible heatable components:

    • Heating Stage 2000
    • Heating Insert P 2000
    • Heating Inserts M06-M96 2000
    • Heatable Universal Mounting Frame K Series 2000

    Components additionally needed for CO2-control:

    • CO2-Controller 2000
    • CO2-Cover PM 2000 or CO2-Cover Micromanipulation 2000

    Components additionally needed for O2-control:

    Application Examples