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    Incubator HF 2000

    Incubator HF 2000 with Heatable Glass


    • The small incubator is designed to fit onto the Heating Frame 2000 and permits a local CO2– and temperature control of Petri dishes and POC-chamber systems in a completely closed environment.
    • The incubator has a rectangular observation window made of glass which permits DIC.
    • Due to the heatable glass and the warmed up air stream, no condensation of water occurs at the cover or at the lid of the cell cultivation vessel.
    • The air flow can be fed into the cover by the CO2-Controller.


      All components and electrical units of the series 2000 are compatible with the components and modules of the S series by Zeiss (e.g. TempModule S).


    Cell cultivation vessels

      • Petri dishes (“35” and “60”)
      • POC, POC-R, POCmini

    Application Examples