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    POC Cell Cultivation System


    Improved microscopes and different optical techniques now allow higher standards in microscopic analysis of living cells. Heated microscope stages and climate boxes offer the possibility of observing cells and tissues under stabilized temperature. Different climate boxes are capable of holding the correct temperature and the pH-value of the medium in which the cells are being cultured by regulation of CO2. In addition, the O2-value can be regulated in a way that creates conditions like in vivo.

    The POC Chamber System meets the demands of different microscopic methods in the observation and analysis of living cells. It is available with a rectangular baseplate and an observation area of Ø 30mm (POC), with a round baseplate and an observation area of Ø 30mm (POC-R2) and as miniature version (POC mini-2) for a smaller quantity of cell and tissue culture and an observation opening of Ø 17-22 mm.

    • The POC-Chamber System, POC-R2 and POCmini is a system for all microscope techniques.
    • Suitable for short- and long-term cultivation.
    • Open and closed cultivation as well as open and closed perfusion are possible.
    • In the case of open cultivation, the chamber can be protected from evaporation by a FoilCover.
    • In all POC-applications, the cells can be cultivated on glass.
    • A pre-cultivation of cells on cover glasses (Schott: 170 µm ± 5 µm, No. 1.5) in Petri dishes is possible. The assembling of the sterile POC-Chamber occurs in a laminar air flow.
    • All parts of the POC-Chamber can be sterilized by autoclaving (121°C) or by dry heating (165-170°C).
    • For a better cell cultivation, the glasses can be sterilely coated with Collagen IV, Poly-L-Lysine, Poly-D-Lysine, Fibronectin or others.

    For longer observations of cell and tissue cultures under the inverted microscope, the POC-Chambers should be placed into the Heating Frame, the Heating- and Cooling Frame or the Heating Insert P.

    For detailed information on the cultivation and analysis of living cells in the POC systems see the following presentation.

    Example: Open Cultivation

    Example: Closed Perfusion