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    Heating Frame 2000

    Heating Frame 2000


    • The Heating Frame 2000 warms up various cell cultivation vessels (e.g. Petri dishes “35” and “60” and POC/POCmini chamber systems).
    • The solid frame is made of aluminium and provides for heat distribution and a high thermal conductivity.
    • The frame has a circular observation opening (Ø 30 mm) and can be covered with a cover glass (Ø 35 mm).
    • The base plate of the POC/POCmini chamber is fixed by a ball (PA) with spring pressure.
    • Heating by power loss of the transistors: There is no interference caused by disturbing switching pulses, therefore the device is well suited for electrophysiological examinations.
    • For a local CO2 and heating control in a closed environment the frame can be used in combination with the Incubator HF 2000 with Heatable Glass (# 130-800 093). Alternatively, the CO2-Cover with Glass Insert (# 0510.001) in combination with a large incubator is also suitable.
    • For the regulation of temperature, the TempController 2000 (1- or 2-channel) (or the TempModule S) is required. An integrated temperature sensor transfers the value to the electrical device.



    Cell Cultivation Systems:

    • Petri dishes (“35” and “60”)
    • POC, POC-R2, POCmini-2

    We recommend the use of the Heating Frame 2000 together with an attachable mechanical stage in connection with an Universal Mounting Frame for a better fixation and thermal output:

    • Universal Mounting Frame MX for Object Guide
    • Universal Mounting Frame KX for Scanning Stage
    • Mounting Frame HA on the Axioplan/Axiophot

    All components and electrical units of the series 2000 are compatible with the components and modules of the S series by Zeiss (e.g. TempModule S).

    Application Examples