Objective Heater 2000

    Objective Heater 2000


    • Especially with the use of oil immersion objectives, the direct contact between the cell cultivation vessel and the colder objective leads to a significant cooling in the area of the observed cells. The Objective Heater 2000 is designed for the stable heating of microscope objectives in order to improve the temperature conditions in the observation area.
    • The versions with an oil discharge channel have a circular duct around the objective that takes in abundant immersion oil and leads it through a flexible tube into a collecting vessel. The inserted O-ring provides for a better sealing.
    • A slow and homogeneous heating of parts of the objective prevents adverse effects on the optical resolution.
    • A built-in temperature sensor reliably monitors the objective temperature.
    • For power supply and the control of temperature, the Objective Heater has to be connected to the TempController 2000-1 or 2000-2.




    All components and electrical units of the series 2000 are compatible with the components and modules of the S series by Zeiss (e.g. TempModule S).

    Application Examples