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    Cooling/Heating Stage Version 200

    Temperable Stage Version 200


    • The Cooling/Heating Stage replaces the standard fixed stage and enables the cooling and heating of objects on the microscope.
    • The object guide and other accessories can be attached. All conventionally used cultivation vessels can be put on the Heating Stage.
    • Solid design with a high thermal capacity and a high temperature stability.
    • The opening for the objective is as small as possible to optimize the heat transfer. To additionally reduce the loss of heat through airflow at the observation opening, the supplied foam sleeves should be used.
    • Recommended for electrophysiological experiments because no disturbing switching pulses are emitted.


    • Heating-Cooling Circulator

    To hold and move the cultivation vessel an Object Guide and one of the following Universal Mounting Frames are required:


    • Axiovert 200 with Object Guide
    • Incubator M 200 / M-TIRF (Heating only)
    • Incubator XL-3 / XL-3 TIRF / XL-3 LSM (Heating only)
    • Incubator XL-4 (Heating only)

    Application Examples

    The Cooling/Heating Stage can be used like the Heating Stage.