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    Heating Microscope Stage Primo Vert

    Heating Stage Primo Vert


    • Heating Microscope Stage for the inverted microscope Primo Vert by Zeiss.
    • Due to an embedded controller, no additional control unit is needed.
    • The Heating Microscope Stage Primo Vert permits a stable heating of cell cultivation systems on the microscope.
    • The object guide and other accessories can be attached. All conventionally used cultivation vessels can be placed on the Heating Stage.
    • Solid design with a high thermal capacity and a high temperature stability.
    • Ideal for electrophysiological experiments, because no disturbing switching pulses are emitted.
    • Easy operation: After the switch-on, the microscope stage heats up to 37°C automatically.
    • Three LEDs for temperature control:
      Heating Stage Primo Vert


    • none


    • Primo Vert by Zeiss