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    Heating Insert P 2000

    Heating Insert P 2000


    • The Heating Insert P 2000 is designed for the stable heating of cell cultivation systems.
    • The Heating Insert is applicable with all large incubators by PeCon, the Incubator P 2000, The Incubator PM 2000 RBT, the CO2-Cover HP and the CO2-Cover HP-MG.
    • The Heating Insert P 2000 is suitable for scanning and mechanical stage with a cut-out of 160 x 110 mm on inverted microscopes.
    • Because of its design, the Heating Insert P 2000 has a high temperature constancy and thermal conductivity. Therefore, it is especially suited for laser scanning microscopy (LSM).
    • For the control of temperature, the TempController 2000-1 or 2000-2 is necessary. The heating is achieved by transistor stray power without disturbing switching pulses.
    • For cell cultivation, the POC-Systems or Petri dishes (“35” and “60”) can be used. A ring adapter accommodates different “35” Petri dishes.
    • Tubes for perfusion applications can be inserted into channels in the insert. The medium in the tubes is heated in the channel, before it enters the cell cultivation chamber.
    • A glass cover with a central glass insert (DIC) is supplied.
    • The Heating Insert P 2000 is equipped with two spring clips. This provides for a firm fit of the cell cultivation vessel and keeps it in place.
    • The alignment of the Heating Insert P 2000 to the optical axis can be adjusted with four adjusting screws.
    • Tapered edges along the bottom side of the observation opening enables an improved accessibility to the specimen by the objective.



    • Inverse microscope with mechanical stage or scanning stage
    • Large incubators by PeCon
    • Incubator P 2000
    • Incubator PM 2000 RBT
    • CO2-Cover HP and CO2-Cover HP-MG
      All components and electrical units of the series 2000 are compatible with the components and modules of the S series by Zeiss (e.g. TempModule S).

    Cell cultivation vessels

    • Petri dish 60mm
    • Petri dish 35mm (with supplied adapter)
    • POC-R Cell Cultivation System
    • POCmini Cell Cultivation System

    The following cultivation vessels cannot be fixed and fully observed. For these, the Heating Insert P Lab-Tek™ 2000 is better suited:

    • Lab-Tek™ (Nunc®) and chambered slides (BD Falcon™)
    • Microscope slides

    Application Examples