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    Heating Unit 2000

    Heating Unit 2000


    • The Heating Unit 2000 supplies the large incubators (2000 series) of the manufacturer with heated air. The heater is designed to heat up the air in the large incubators up to max. 30°C above ambient temperature.
    • For the control of air temperature, the TempController 2000-1 or 2000-2 is required.
    • The Heating Unit 2000 adapts automatically to the impressed line voltage.
    • High operational safety: If the temperature of the internal heating block exceeds 170°C, the heater is permanently deactivated (thermal protection switch). After an excess temperature shut-off, the user himself can restart the device. The speed of the fan is permanently monitored. If it falls below a threshold, the heater will be switched off.
    • New constant power system:

      The released heating power is dynamically adapted to the current line voltage. As a result, there is no overheating, a more stable incubator temperature and a higher heating power even with low line voltages.



    With the HEPA Sterile Filter Unit for PeCon microscope incubators, the germinal contamination inside an incubator can almost be eliminated. In combination with the Heating Unit, 99.99% of the germs are held back. Similar working conditions inside the incubator can be achieved as there are at a sterile laminar airflow bench.


    The Heating Unit 2000 supplies following incubators of the manufacturer with heated air:

    • Incubator XL-3 LSM 2000
    • Incubator XLmulti 2000 mirror image form
    • Incubator XLmulti 2000 DARK mirror image form
    • Incubator NL 2000
    • Incubator XL PALM S


    Application Examples