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    Control Sensor T 2000

    Control Sensor T 2000


    • The Control Sensor T 2000 is a small-sized control device for the measuring of the temperature in different cell cultivation vessels, especially “35” and “60” Petri dishes. By means of this sensor, the actual temperature in the medium of the cell cultivation vessel can be measured in pre-experiments.
    • Due to its small shape and the supplied accessories, the Control Sensor T 2000 can be used to measure the medium temperature under realistic incubation conditions as they exist in later experiments without a control sensor.
    • For the use of the Control Sensor T 2000 the TempController 2000-1 or
      2000-2 is required.



      All components and electrical units of the series 2000 are compatible with the components and modules of the S series by Zeiss (e.g. TempModule S).

    Application Examples