PeCon Series 2000 USB communication

    PeCon Series 2000 USB communication

    Drivers and SDK for communication with Series 2000 controllers


    All series 2000 controllers can be fully controlled via USB to integrate incubation control and monitoring into your microscope control environment. You just need to install the driver and use our SDK, that is currently available for easy use within the free scripting software AutoIt3.

    Functions currently available in SDK:

    • Access multiple controllers simultaneously
    • Get actual values from all channels
    • Set setpoint values for all channels
    • Switch on/off heating for all channels (loop control)
    • Get name of configured component for each channel
    • Function to define setpoint value ramps (e.g. change temperature setpoint from 37.0°C to 40.0°C continuously within 30 min)

    The AutoIt3 SDK is build on our general dynamic link library PDL2000.dll and brings an AutoIt3- function library that defines higher level functions which are much easier to use for a scripting user, than the pointer based PDL2000.dll functions. However, on special request it is possible to get information about the underlying PDL2000.dll to integrate incubation control into programming languages like C# or C++, for example.


    • Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Server2003/Vista/Win7/Win8.1/Win10 (32 & 64-bit)
    • PeCon Series USB driver: goto Downloads section below
    • AutoIt3: Download
    • Koda FormDesigner (only needed for easy GUI creation): Download


    • TempController 2000-2
    • TempController 2000-1
    • CO2-Controller 2000
    • CO2-O2-Controller 2000