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    TempModule S

    TempModule S


    • Temperature control unit with 4 equal, independent channels to electrically heat various components of the manufacturer.
    • An additional port for an external temperature sensor allows the determination of temperature inside the cell cultivation vessel during pre-experiments.
    • The TempModule S is the base for further modules of the incubation system and automatically supplies them with electrical power and communication signal via a system bus.
    • A power supply pack with a wide range input allows the operation of the TempModule S with all common AC line voltages without manual adaptation.
    • The module is operated exclusively with an external user interface (e.g. PC-Software Zeiss Axiovision 4.6 or higher or TFT display at the microscope) and has no display or input panel.
    • Communication with the external control unit can either be carried out via CAN (microscope) or via USB (PC).


    • none


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