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    CO2 Module S

    CO2 Module S


    • CO2 control device to achieve a stable, controlled increase of the CO2 concentration within incubators and CO2-Covers of the manufacturer. A stable CO2 concentration ensures an optimal pH value in cell culture media over a long period of time.
    • A built-in CO2 sensor permanently monitors the CO2 concentration in the air stream. A micro proportional valve is driven by a digital PID loop controller, so that only as much CO2 as needed to maintain a certain CO2 concentration, is fed into the circulating air stream.
    • All incubation systems of the manufacturer can be supplied with a CO2-mixture by the CO2 Module S via two different incubation concepts:
      a) Small gas feeding: A built-in pump transfers the generated gas mixture via a small tube to the incubators or CO2-covers.
      b) Medium gas feeding: Built-in fans generate an air circulation within the modules, two tubes (Ø 38mm) and an incubator with medium volume.
    • Together with the O2 Module S of the manufacturer, a O2/CO2-mixture can also be generated and is transferred to the incubator via small or medium gas feeding.
    • Further modules of the incubation system can be put on top of the CO2 Module S and are automatically supplied with electrical power and communication signal via a system bus. The CO2 Module S is supplied with electrical power (24 VDC) via the system bus.
    • The module is operated exclusively with an external user interface (e.g. PC-Software Zeiss Axiovision 4.6 or higher or TFT display at the microscope) and has no display or input panel.



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