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    Slide Holder fourfold

    Slide Holder fourfold (for CO2 gassing)


    • The Slide Holder fourfold for the insertion of 4 slides has been especially constructed for chambered slides (besides standard slides) because it provides for a horizontal handling of the slides when they are filled with a solution. The advantage lies in the way in which the slides can be inserted. It is not necessary to insert them in a tilted position with the danger of spilling some of the liquid.
    • The slides are inserted into the holder and need not to be touched directly during transport, medium exchange, incubation etc. (sterility).
    • CO2 gassing is possible together with the CO2-Cover for Slide Holder fourfold.


    • Scanning stage or mechanical stage (opening 160 x 110 mm)


    Cell cultivation vessel

    • Lab-Tek™ chambers (Nunc®)
    • Chambered slides (BD Falcon™)
    • µ-slides (Ibidi)
    • Imaging Chamber and Imaging Chamber CG by Zell-Kontakt
    • Standard microscope slides with the dimensions of approx. 76 x 26 mm (3 x 1 inch)

    CO2 gassing

    • CO2-Cover for Slide Holder fourfold

    Application Examples

    • none