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    Incubator XL S Axio Imager

    Incubator Axio Imager


    • Large incubator designed for the upright microscope Axio Imager by Zeiss for warm air incubation and CO2-control. Local CO2-incubation can be carried out with the CO2 Module S in combination with appropriate CO2-Covers.
    • The incubator encases the microscope from the lamp housing to the objective nosepiece and warms up all enclosed components by heated air. No Objective Heaters are necessary.
    • The large internal volume allows the use of different components like inserts or micromanipulators.
    • Two large sliding doors (235 x 193 mm) give easy access to the specimen and other components. Two smaller sliding doors below the microscope stage (160 x 130 mm) permit the easy operation of components like objective turret or filters. In the left and right side of the incubator there are additional sliding doors.
    • Cables and tubing can be routed through two sliding doors at the rear side of the incubator. The temperature sensor can be freely positioned inside the incubator to adapt to different setups.
    • Compatible to all condensers. Micromanipulators of various manufacturers can be used.
    • Easy and quick assembly, no tools are necessary.



    • Axio Imager with object guide, mechanical stage or scanning stage
    • Micromanipulators InjectMan, InjectMan NI2, TransferMan by Eppendorf
    • Micromanipulators by Narishige

    A selection of compatible components:

    • Universal Mounting Frame P
    • CO2-Cover P
    • Universal Mounting Frame AK
    • CO2-Cover AK
    • Heatable Universal Mounting Frame AK Series S

    Application Examples