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Incubator i8

Monday, April 13th, 2015

Large incubator for microscopes of the DMi8 Series for warm air incubation and CO2-control. A local CO2-incubation is possible with specific Heating Inserts and CO2-Covers in combination with the CO2-Controller. The incubator is particularly suited for the broad field of fluorescence applications. The TIRF version has a built-in laser safety system. read more

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Heating Insert Mxx 2000 EC

Thursday, February 26th, 2015

Heating Insert for the stable heating of multiwell plates with 6 to 96 wells with a plane polystyrene or glass bottom up to 60°C. It fits on inverted microscopes with a scanning stage or a mechanical stage (cut-out 160 x 110 mm) on inverted microscopes. The multiwell plates are heated directly from below. For a better heat transfer, the observation openings in the Heating Insert M06 2000 EC have a smaller diameter than the wells. The insert has a uniform heat distribution and high thermal conductivity. read more

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CO2-Cover KM Set

Tuesday, February 24th, 2015

The CO2-Cover KM Set fits on the Universal Mounting Frame KM and various insert plates of the Click-In System Premium on inverted microscopes. It provides for a local gassing of cell cultures with CO2 and /or N2 and creates a relative air humidity of approx. 90% under the cover. Included are two cover variants: Variant 1 with a fixed glass, variant 2 with slidable glass plates (e. g. for pipetting and micromanipulation). read more

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