Universal Mounting Frame K100 Set

Uni­ver­sal Mount­ing Frame with 5 base­plates for ‘35’,’60′ and ‘100’ Petri dish­es, POC‐Systems, Lab‐TekTM and Ibi­di Cham­bers. The frame fix­es var­i­ous cell cul­ti­va­tion ves­sels on scan­ning and mechan­i­cal stages (open­ing 160x110 mm) on invert­ed micro­scopes and can be installed eas­i­ly. The base­plates togeth­er with the CO2-Cov­er 100‐Set give a closed envi­ron­ment inside a large heat­ed micro­scope incu­ba­tor for local gassing and humid­i­fi­ca­tion.
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