POC-R2 and POCmini-2 Cell Cultivation System

POC-R2 and POCmini-2 Cell Cultivation System

The POC Cham­ber Sys­tem (Perfu­sion Open and Closed) is a sys­tem for all micro­scop­ic tech­niques and suit­able for short- and long-term cul­ti­va­tion and obser­va­tion of cell and tis­sue cul­tures. The sys­tem is avail­able in dif­fer­ent ver­sions and sizes: POC-R2 and POCmini-2. All parts of the POC cham­bers can be ster­il­ized.


Improved micro­scopes and dif­fer­ent opti­cal tech­niques now allow high­er stan­dards in the micro­scop­ic analy­sis of liv­ing cells. Heat­ed micros­cope stages and cli­mate box­es offer the pos­si­bil­i­ty of observ­ing cells and tis­sues under sta­bi­lized tem­per­a­tures. Dif­fer­ent cli­mate box­es are capa­ble of hold­ing the desired tem­per­a­ture and the pH val­ue of the medi­um in which the cells are being cul­tured by a reg­u­la­tion of CO2. In addi­tion, the O2 val­ue can be reg­u­lat­ed under con­di­tions like in vivo. The POC Cham­ber Sys­tem meets the demands of dif­fer­ent micro­scop­ic meth­ods in the obser­va­tion and analy­sis of liv­ing cells. It is avail­able with a round base­plate and an obser­va­tion area of Ø 30mm (POC-R2) and as minia­ture ver­sion (POC mini-2) for a small­er quan­ti­ty of cell and tis­sue cul­ture and an obser­va­tion open­ing of Ø 17-22 mm.
  • The POC-R2 and POCmi­ni Cham­ber Sys­tem is a sys­tem for all micros­cope tech­niques
  • Suit­able for short- and long-term cul­ti­va­tion
  • Open and closed cul­ti­va­tion as well as open and closed per­fu­sion are pos­si­ble (for open per­fu­sion, an expan­sion set has to be ordered sep­a­rate­ly for POC-R2 or POCmini-2)
  • In the case of open cul­ti­va­tion, the cham­ber can be pro­tect­ed from evap­o­ra­tion by a Foil­Cov­er
  • In all POC-applications, the cells can be cul­ti­vat­ed on glass
  • A pre-cultivation of cells on cov­er glass­es (Schott: 170 µm ± 5 µm, No. 1.5) in Petri dish­es is pos­si­ble; the assem­bling of the ster­ile POC cham­ber occurs in a lam­i­nar air flow
  • All parts of the POC cham­ber can be ster­il­ized by auto­clav­ing (121°C) or by dry heat­ing (165-170°C)
For a bet­ter cell cul­ti­va­tion, the glass­es can be ster­ile­ly coat­ed with Col­la­gen IV, Poly-L-Lysine, Poly-D-Lysine, Fibronectin or oth­ers. For longer obser­va­tions of cell and tis­sue cul­tures under the invert­ed micros­cope, the POC cham­bers should be placed into a Heat­ing Frame 2000 or Heat­ing Insert by PeCon.
POC-R2 and POCmini-2 Cell Cultivation System


  • A large variety of devices for the heating and cooling/heating of cell culture vessels

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Most PeCon devices for the heating and cooling/heating of cell culture vessels, e.g.:  

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