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    Cover with glass insert for Imaging Dish CG

    Cover with glass insert for Imaging Dish CG


    • The cover replaces the usual plastic cover of the Imaging Dish CG.
    • It is especially suited for high resolution microscopy and DIC applications in particular.
    • It is made of stainless steel with a glass insert. The observation area has a diameter of 26 mm. The height of the cover is 6 mm. The cover and the dish can both be picked up together very easily from the surface. Due to the 12 small edges above the bottom of the dish the user can grip the dish together with the cover. This provides for a sterile handling of the medium.
    • The cover has been designed for the cell cultivation vessel Imaging Dish CG by zell-kontakt. This 35 mm petri dish with cover glass bottom has macroscopic orientation marks in its glass bottom (lasered microgrid, width
      5 nm). It is also suited for all kinds of high resolution microscopy.
    • The cover can be sterilized at 165°C in dry heat or at 121°C in the autoclave.


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    • Imaging Dish CG by zell-kontakt