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    Incubator DM IL LED 2000

    Incubator DM IL LED


    • Large incubator that fits the Leica microscope DM IL LED. The incubator encases the microscope stage and the objective nosepiece and warms up all enclosed components by heated air. A local CO2-incubation is possible with specific Heating Inserts and CO2-Covers in combination with the CO2-Controller.
    • The homogeneous heat distribution offers best conditions for high resolution live cell imaging applications. No Objective Heaters are necessary. The large internal volume allows the use of many different components like stages, heating inserts or micromanipulators.
    • The incubator has a large sliding door at the front and one in the left side panel. Beneath the sliding doors there is a slide-in base plate on each side of the incubator.
    • There are openings for cables and tubes in the back panel (sliding plates with locks) on the left and right hand side. The slide-in base plate on the right hand side has an opening (silicone sealed) for the object guide.
    • For operation, further heated components (e.g. Heating Stages, Heating Inserts, Heating Frames) are recommend.
    • The incubator is compatible to all condensers. Micromanipulators of various manufacturers can be used.
    • Easy and quick assembly, no tools are necessary.



    • DM IL LED with all compatible stage types by Leica
    • Micromanipulator (e.g. Eppendorf InjectMan NI2)

    A selection of compatible heatable components:

    • Heating Stage 2000
    • Heating Insert P 2000
    • Heating Inserts M06-96 2000
    • Heatable Universal Mounting Frame K Series 2000
    • Heatable Universal Mounting Frame M Series 2000
    • Heatable Universal Mounting Frame KP-Set

    Components additionally needed for CO2-control:

    Application Examples