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    Incubator LSI

    Incubator LSI


    • Large incubator for the upright microscope Leica TCS LSI for warm air incubation and CO2-control. Local CO2-incubation can be carried out with the CO2-Controller in combination with appropriate CO2-Covers.
    • The incubator encases the microscope stage and the objective nosepiece and warms up all enclosed components by heated air.
    • Laser safety: The colored acrylic glass ensures protection against laser radiation. The wings are equipped with safety contacts which switch off the laser beam when the incubator is opened.
    • The large internal volume allows the use of additional components like Heatable and Non-Heatable Frames, Heating Inserts and CO2-Covers. For special applications (e.g. multiwell plates with glass bottoms), the Incubator LSI can be operated with the Heating Unit alone.
    • The two wings of the incubator can be opened completely (door angle 180°) and give easy access to the stage, the specimen and other components.
    • Cables and tubing can be routed through the outside by an opening in the back side of the incubator. The temperature sensor can be freely positioned inside the incubator to adapt to different setups.
    • Easy and quick assembly.



    • Leica TCS LSI with mechanical stage or scanning stage

    Components additionally needed for CO2-control:

    Application Examples