Software IRC – Incubation Remote Control



    • Record all vital parameters (temperature and CO2-concentration) of your incubation experiments
    • Record all available setpoint values and status displays of the incubation devices (e.g. ventilation, CO2 regulation, overheat events)
    • Change setpoint values (incubation conditions) via the computer
    • Plot all vital parameters into a diagram with free selection of drawn values, color and time scale
    • Different system configurations/setups can be saved
    • Script programming for all controllable device setpoints for an user independent dynamical change of incubation conditions during the experiment (e.g. increase specimen temperature 60 min. after the start of the experiment up to 40°C and decrease it back to 37°C after 120 min.)
    • Add notes to your recordings for experiment identification
    • Save all recorded data for later evaluation
    • Print out diagram, script and project notes for your records
    • Get actual device data and control devices from other programs via DDE
    • Export diagram as bitmap for further processing
    • Export device data to a csv-file for external processing with other programs
    • Simultaneous control of many different incubation devices
    • No interference with other software (e.g. imaging software)


    • IBM-compatible PC with at least 500MHz and 64MB RAM
    • Microsoft Windows 98, NT4.0, 2000 or XP with latest service packs
    • Microsoft.NET-Framework Runtime Installation
      (search for updates at


    • Tempcontrol 37-2 digital
    • CTI-Controller 3700 digital
    • CO2-Controller
    • Incubation System O2-CO2-°C

    Application Examples

    • none


    • see Requirements


    • Download Incubation Remote Control V2.1.1 (2.4MB)
    • Supports 32 COM ports.
      Double click with administrative rights for installation.

      Due to the obligatory strict installer check to .NET version 1.1 an installation on higher .NET versions was not possible, although IRC runs fine with .NET Version 4. Since .NET version 1.1 cannot be installed on x64 Windows systems this installer check has been removed completely. Please make sure that at least .NET version 1.1 is installed before running IRC.

    • Download old version Incubation Remote Control V2.0.5 (3.0MB)
    • Unzip and start “Setup.exe” for installation.
      Please use supplied “IRC File Converter” to open V1.x.x files.

    • Download emulated device drivers (55K)
    • Can be used for testing the program or for demonstration without having real devices available. Not necessary for normal program operation.