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    Control Sensor T 2000 sterilizable

    Control Sensor T 2000 sterilizable


    • The Control Sensor T 2000 sterilizable is a small-sized control device for measuring the temperature in “60” Petri dishes.
    • The medium temperature can be measured under realistic incubation conditions as they exist in later experiments without a control sensor.
    • The sensor can as well be used during the incubation of cells in the same
      Petri dish.
    • The Control Sensor T 2000 sterilizable is a Pt100 sensor which has been cast in a small tube of high-quality, inert stainless steel. The sensor connecting cable is isolated with PTFE (Teflon┬«) on the inside as well as on the outside.
    • The whole sensor unit (glass cover, cable with LEMO┬« plug, Pt100-sensor) can be sterilized (see section “Maintenance”).
    • For power supply, the sensor has to be connected to the TempController 2000-1, 2000-2 or 2000-2 cell vivo design, or to the TempModule S.



      All components and electrical units of the series 2000 are compatible with the components and modules of the S series by Zeiss (e.g. TempModule S).

    Application Examples